Thank you

  • Thanks for all your hard work guys in getting this series subbed! Appreciate it so much  :)

  • Thanks for all your hard work guys in getting this series subbed! Appreciate it so much  :)

  • Yes! Thank you, honobono no mina-san! I really enjoyed this series. ;D It's hard to believe I've been watching FBFH for four years! But somehow, a series like this is almost better dragged out of a long period of time. It makes it more special that way. :D

  • Glad to see our work beeing appreciated so much by people who like this series as much as I do. And thank YOU for beeing so patient and to endure with the slow pace of our releases. But, please don't lead us into temtation to make our future releases even more special, KazeHaruHime  ;).
    Hope you'll stick with us for gyu! as well

  • Oh, you guys are going to do Gyu! as well? … <3

    Anyways, I too would like to thank you guys for spending so much time and work on FBFH. The quality was always superb, and has always been worth the wait many times over. I would gladly wait another 5 years just to see your releases of Gyu! because you guys do a great job.

  • I'd also like to extend my thanks for all of your hard work in subbing this series.  It's been a long wait, but definitely worth it.  I'll be looking forward to your releases of Gyu! as well.  ;D

  • Hi!

    I can't stress enough how glad I am, that so many people have the patience to wait for each episode. Even more I feel sorry to admit that it might take a while until we can start to seriously work on Gyu! as we are all quite busy at the moment, and the focus is momentarily on the other two shows. My hope is it, that once we start working on it, we can establish a slightly faster pace.

    If, by the way, anyone sees themselves fit to help us in any way, maybe as a quality checker, feel free to contact us via pm here or visit us on our IRC channel Aniverse.#honobono and talk to any of the ops.

    See you!

  • Thanks a lot for subbing this series!

    I've offered my services as QC for "Gyu!" in a PM to Coolgurl, if you ever get there (and need me)  :D

  • I also want to say thank you :)
    I really love the series <3

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