THANK YOU Honobono (Newer Thread)

  • Since most of the threads here are 8-10 years old, I thought I'd make a new one for more recent thank-yous.

    Not sure if ANYONE will ever read this, but if, on the off chance, anyone from honobono looks here sometime in the future, just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU for continuing the Hime-chan project. I've been a long-time Hime-chan fan... at one time in the old BBS days, even made contact with Hime-chan fans in Japan (there were some HIme-chan MLs and forums). I remember there was even a "meet up" where fans of the show planned to meet at the park in the town of Kunitachi (the real town that Hime-chan's town is based on) and see if she appears :)

    I have the LaserDiscs as well as the DVD (region 2) set.

    I look in every once in a while to see if there's a new episode of Hime-chan released by honobono... and enjoy the releases when they're out.

    Even though the show is old, it's a great show, and there are lots of us out here who still enjoy it -- and download your episodes when they're released. They are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!


    Keep up the good work! You're about 2/3rds of the way done!

    Thanks for all your hard work... and into the future.

    Ike Ike Go Go Jummmmp!

  • Just meant to clarify what I wrote above. Japanese fans of the show apparently turned up at Kunitachi's park on the day Hime-chan would have shown up in the future (according to the episode where she thinks about her future) to see if she was there. It's been a while since I've watched that episode so sorry for being hazy on it, but my point was, there was a big fan following for the show (I didn't go... I wasn't in Japan at the time. Would've been fun to go though, and meet everyone).

    Anyway, thanks again for continuing. It may be the year 2116 by the time all the episodes are done, but that's okay.. the fact that you keep on going really means a lot.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you!!

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    Hi, thanks for your message. We'll do our best :)


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