I want to translate it to my mother tongue.

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    @Fushichoo For Season 2, you can use MKV files as raws, meaning you can easily softsub or hardsub as you wish.
    For Season 1, we do have VOBs but they're too big (80 GB) to transfer. If you need raws, you can buy DVDs. Anyway, it's not trivial to encode VOBs into AVI, MKV, or MP4. Besides, you'll have to re-time ASS to make it frame-accurate. It might be fun, but there will be a lot of work to do and you'll need a lot of free time. You'll have to learn many things before you can hardsub a raw properly.

  • Do you hear about wannacry? I don't think I should download now.

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    @Fushichoo I have [l33t-raws] FH s1 eps 1-51 (13 GiB), but timing is different, so with them you couldn't reuse the existing ASS files.

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  • I can sub the season 2 on my own now. You know what? At this time, I am very happy that I don't think it's real. At this rate, I will sub the season 1 soon. I just need to do a few thing and it will be okay. I will show you. What is your mail?

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    1. To download a file (including a ZIP file), right-click the link, then "Save As".

    2. To unzip a .ZIP or .7Z file on Windows, you can try 7-zip.

    • Don't be afraid of ZIP files. Don't let Windows handle them; handle them yourself, with 7-zip. This will enable you to do a lot of new things.
    1. To get an ASS file (subtitle data) from MKV, you'll need MKVToolNix.

    3.1) Start mkvinfo-gui.exe (coming with MKVToolNix), and open the MKV file in question (e.g. Gyu ep.1). I'll call it aaa.mkv.
    Find the "subtitles" track, and check its Track number. If it says "track ID for mkvmerge & mkvextract: 2", the track ID is "2". You'll use this number later.

    3.2) Start cmd.exe by hitting [Win]+[R] and then type "cmd.exe", then hit [Enter].
    (If you're new to cmd.exe, first do some research and learn what "path" is and how to use "cd".)
    To get an ASS file from aaa.mkv, type this simple command (in cmd.exe) and hit [Enter]:

    mkvextract tracks "aaa.mkv" 2:bbb.ass

    • mkvextract is the path to mkvextract.exe (coming with MKVToolNix).
    • aaa.mkv is the path to the MKV file (input).
    • bbb.ass is the ASS file you're getting (output; a new file).
    • 2: is the track ID (see above).

    3.3) When you are done, type "exit" then hit [Enter] to close cmd.exe.

    (3) may feel confusing at first, but actually it's not that difficult.
    Once you learn how to do this, you can get an ASS file from an MKV file.
    You'll then re-translate that ASS file into your language, and then you can use mkvtoolnix-gui (coming with MKVToolNix) to make a new MKV file, which has the original video/audio + your new ASS file.
    In short, you can make a new MKV file on your own (which you can share with your friends), without downloading anything new (except the original MKV file itself).

  • Hello. It's me. Remember? I want to thank you. I was able to sub season 2.

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    @fushichoo Yes, I remember you of course :)
    Glad to know that it worked!

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