• I was wondering: Did the DVD version of Episode 19 have Poomo's message altered from the original or was that you?

  • I was wondering: Did the DVD version of Episode 19 have Poomo's message altered from the original or was that you?

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    Hi, we did change it, but (of course) for a reason.

    Officially there are two different romanizations of her name ミルロ: “Mirlo” in Character Detail Book (CDB), and “Milro” in Character Detail Book 2 (CDB2). So both are more or less correct.

    In Episode 19, we can momentarily see what looks like “Mirlo”:

    Then, we see “Milro”.

    Her brother's name ナルロ is spelled “Narlo” both in CDB and CDB2, so I think the original romanization for his sister's name ミルロ was “Mirlo”. I mean both Mirlo and Narlo end in <katakana RU + katakana RO> in Japanese, and it's unlikely that they wanted to romanize this RU+RO sequence differently for Mirlo and Narlo. It's exactly the same in katakana. But that's just my personal opinion. I may be wrong.

    This is how we changed it:

    As you can see, we translated the line as the minister actually reads aloud (the original line is: Onegai.  Miruro no kekkon o toriyamete.) and also changed the written text accordingly. Not only how to spell the princess's name, but the whole memo is retouched. I'm sorry if this confused you or upset you. I know some people don't like this kind of tricks, but not altering the written text would have been confusing in a different way. We (typesetter+editor) discussed how to handle the memo, and while not changing the written text was a possible option, we decided that retouching was a better solution.

    Also, the actual consonant in Japanese RU/RO is the alveolar tap [ɾ] (or perhaps the retroflex flap [ɽ] in some dialects), and technically not [r] nor [l]. If anything, maybe it's nearer to American 'r' than to 'l', and Miruro (using 2 Rs with -u-) would be the best approximation for the original sound :)

  • Thanks for the explanation.

    Personally, I think there was some confusion on how they were going to romanticize her name when they made the episode.  I went with Milro because "Mirlo" is only seen partially for a split second and "Milro" could be seen clearly for several seconds.  Also, "Mirlo" was moving, making correcting it more trouble than it's worth.  They could just explain it as the newspaper editor was sloppy that day.

    I then got the character detail books and noticed it was Narlo in both too.  I thought they might have gotten cute and made the "l" come before the "r" in the feminine name and the "r" come before the "l" in the masculine name.  Or her name is supposed to be Mirlo.  Unfortunately, I there's no way to confirm for sure.

    I was just curious.  I also look forward to when you sub episode 34.

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    Actually we had alerady used the CDB style spelling “Mirlo” many times before Episode 19, whenever someone said her name, and we didn't want to change the spelling. Basically CDB has romaji for every prince/princess/king/queen, much more detailed than CDB2. These spellings are most probably based on the original settings by Birthday. The spelling of Nagiño is not in CDB because he didn't exist in the Birthday settings. Anyway, we decided to use the CDB spelling (if exists) for everyone, from Episode 1. That's why we DO NOT use “Milro”. Our editor didn't like “Moon Malia” but this spelling is also from CDB.

    If we think seriously in-story, a printed magazine, professionally proofread, is more reliable than Poomo's note, handwritten on the spot. It's not a cheap magazine but something a strict educational supervisor reads openly in the castle. Also, this magazine image is quoted in CDB, near the printed romaji that says Mirlo. But if we see this from the outside, it's just that the spelling was not shared by everyone. Yes, confusion. Mirlo or Milro, probably Mirlo, was in the Birthday settings, but anime people didn't always double-check how to spell her name. Even “Rein” was spelled wrongly in the eye-catch.

    Then why “Mirlo” in CDB and “Milro” in CDB2?  One possibility is that they actually decided to change how to spell her name after realizing that both spellings were in Episode 19 and “Milro” was more clearly seen. Another possibility is that CDB2 made a typo independently. CDB2 has “Detail of Milky” and “Detail of Milro” (sic) in the same page and that's where “Milro” appears. While thiking about Mil-ky, they may have accidentally typed Mil-ro. Generally, Japanese speakers are not exactly very careful about L and R. Her name is originally written in katakana anyway and how to romanize it is unimportant for most people in Japan. So let's not be picky about it^^

    ps “Milro” in Poomo's note is also moving around 14:23. It's not like we retouched it because “Mirlo” in the magazine is harder to alter.

  • I was talking about the animators when I mentioned it moving.  They probably decided not try to go back and correct it.  I know you've used the "Mirlo" spelling.  Sorry if you misunderstood me.

    Actually, Rein's name was originally supposed to be Rain.  Junichi Sato and his staff decided to change it after they had started because they didn't want her to be associated with the "negative image" of rain.  This decision was made after they had created the eyecatch and the never bothered to change it.

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